Top 5+ Symptoms of fear of Criticism

Top 5+ Symptoms of fear of Criticism

This fear is almost as universal as the fear of poverty, and its effects are just as detrimental to personal fulfillment, first because this fear destroys initiative and discourages the use of imagination.  The main symptoms of fear are:


    It is usually expressed in panic, shyness in conversation and meeting strangers, awkward movements of hands and limbs, changes in eyes.

    Lack of balance.

    Lack of voice control, panic in the presence of others, poor posture, expressed by poor memory.


    Lack of decisiveness, personal charm and ability to express opinions firmly.  The habit is to avoid problems rather than to address them directly.  Agreeing with others regardless of their opinions.

    Minor glands.

    The habit of expressing self-consent through word of mouth and actions, as a means of covering up feelings of inferiority.  Using "big words" to impress others (often without knowing the true meaning of the words).  Imitate others in dress, speech, and manners.  Boasting is an imaginary achievement.  This sometimes gives a superficial look of feeling of superiority.


    The habit is to try to “get along with the neighbors,” spending more than you earn.

    Lack of initiative.

    Failure to take advantage of opportunities for personal advancement, fear of expressing opinions, lack of self-confidence in one's thoughts, arrogant answers to questions of superiors, hesitation in manners and speech, deceit in words and deeds.

    Lack of ambition.

    Mental and physical laziness, lack of perseverance, slow decision making, being easily influenced by others, the habit of criticizing and flattering others behind their backs, the habit of accepting defeat without protest, leaving the company in a state of protest.  Others mistrust others for no reason, lack tact in manners and speech, are unwilling to admit guilt for mistakes.


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