This are the psychological facts about attracting people?


This are the psychological facts about attracting people?

   Use lavender scent to attract girls, vanilla and licorice to attract men.

   Bearded men are more attractive than clean shaven or bushy bearded men.

   Mouse, mouse, mouse. Smiling photos get more likes. (For women). In contrast, men who do not smile often are more attractive.

   Be firm in your beliefs. Don't give up your idea for someone's acceptance. You will look more attractive.

   80% of what we wear. Be aware of this. A Rs 200 t-shirt will also look attractive if you know how to style it.

   If you can, eat healthy. You can maintain a fit body which is very attractive.

   Exercise or do yoga to stay in shape. When the results are shown.

   Spread confidence. There is nothing more sexy than confidence.

   Also in the group, mention their name frequently. Instant appeal.

   Take a good look. This will make a good attachment with the attraction.

   Reality: Attractive people get less punishment for crime.

   At the end of the day, if you can't attract anyone, look in the mirror and attract yourself more.


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