Missing Tile Syndrome

Missing Tile Syndrome

Missing Tile Syndrome

Missing tile syndrome is a psychological problem in which all our attention is focused on the lack of life which we have not been able to get.  And this is the biggest reason for stealing our happiness.


 No matter how good it is in life, we only see those things which are missing and this is the biggest reason for our unhappiness.

 Can we change this one habit and bring happiness in our life?

 Missing Tile Syndrome - Once upon a time, a famous hotel in a small town built a swimming pool in its hotel.  Get the best Italian tiles installed around the swimming pool, but due to the mistake of the mason, the tiles were left in one place.  Now whoever comes first his attention would have been on the beauty of the tiles.  Every visitor would be mesmerized to see such beautiful tiles.  He would look at those tiles very closely and admire them.  Then his eyes would go to that missing tile and get stuck there.... After that he could not see the beauty of any other tile.  Every person returning from the swimming pool complains that a tile is missing.  Among the thousands of tiles, that missing tile used to dominate his mind.

 Many people would have been very sad to see that tile that even a tile remained to make it so perfect.  So many people would have got confused that how to fix that tile.  However, no one came out happy, and a beautiful swimming pool did not bring any happiness or joy to the people.

 Actually that missing tile in that swimming pool was an experiment.  Psychological experiment which proves that our attention is directed towards the shortcomings.  No matter how beautiful everything is happening, but where there will be a shortcoming, we will keep our attention.

 Till the tile is fine, but if the same thing happens in our life also?  So this is a psychological problem that every person is going through.

 This psychological problem was named Missing Tile Syndrome.  According to Dennis Prager, paying attention to those things which are not in our life, later on become the biggest reason to steal our happiness.

          There can be many such instances in which we remain unhappy all our life because of one of our shortcomings.  Most of the people are unhappy about what they have not got instead of being happy about what they have got.

            Missing tile steals our focus and steals all the happiness in our life.  This causes many physical and mental diseases, now it is in our hands to keep our focus on the missing tile and be sad or keep those blessings which are with us and be happy...

 Keep trying to aspire high but never ignore the blessings you already have, enjoy the life given to you, knowingly/unknowingly its designed by you only!


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