A Secret Technique To Boost Your Motivation

Technique To Boost Your Motivation

This week you finally made it. You took out your gym bag and joined a spinning class. Or you've finally decided to quit smoking. Or you bought that juicer and promised to start eating healthy. Whatever the goal, you finally have what it takes: motivation.

And then you rush. Until…

Until the moment when the great motivation train begins to run out of steam. When you're too tired to hit the gym after work. When you decide that "just one" cigarette won't hurt. When you look at that juicer and that bunch of carrots and kale and decide it's easier to have a glass of milk

If only you had it like the good old days. You remember the good old days, right? The good mom of the day scolded you for doing your homework, scolded you for writing your last work, scolded you for going to football, scolded you to stop biting your nails. Ah, mom, the original life coach.

Now you are faced with two options: give up like you have done so many times in the past or kick your motivation up with the “Magic 30 Minutes”.

Don't be fooled by the name. The "30-minute magic" doesn't require you to buy a bunny or a hat. Although it is so simple that you will feel like you pulled a bunny out of a hat. 

The "Magic 30 Minutes" is that 30 minute period between waking up and falling asleep, when your mind begins to shift from a waking state, through a light trance state, to a dream state. It's like that; in fact, he goes into a mild state of hypnosis before falling asleep.

If used effectively, such as reading a nice story to children before bed, the mind fills with positive images, helping to promote positive thinking. And, since you are already in a mild state of hypnosis, your subconscious is more sensitive to positive and negative suggestions. 

Unfortunately, most people use the "30-minute magic" ineffectively, watching the news before retiring, thus filling their minds with crime, tragedy, and fear - very negative suggestions indeed.

So how can the “Magic 30 Minutes” motivate you? Easy. Thirty minutes before you fall asleep write positive affirmations to yourself about any goal you would like to achieve, such as "I like my body and I will treat it well, like going to the gym or having a glass of fresh vegetable juice. ".

Repeating your positive affirmations is fine, but since the act of writing involves the use of many different senses (touch, sight, though), writing your affirmations sends an even stronger message to the subconscious, resulting in more positive changes.

Using the "Magic 30 Minutes" can work with motivation for any goal, can increase confidence and self-esteem ("every day in every way increases my confidence"), and can even be used to bring confidence. prosperity to the life of one (“I am open and receptive to a more prosperous life.”) You have no more excuses. Just five minutes of writing affirmations before bed can be life-changing.


Need help with your motivation?  Consider using the "magic" for 30 minutes.  Don't know what the "magic" 30 minutes are?  It's 30 minutes before going to sleep, and utilizing it properly can help give your motivation a kick in the pants.


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