How To Set Smart Goals to Achieve More

How To Set Smart Goals to Achieve More

Are you struggling to achieve your goals or are you going through a period of no success? Then take the time to learn how to set SMART goals. Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and tangible.


Setting specific goals is the key to all kinds of success. Most people know the story of the Harvard class of 1954, in which they measured who scored and who didn't. Every time they grouped the goal-oriented graduates into smaller and smaller groups - those who set goals for themselves every now and then, annually and monthly, weekly or daily - each subset of individuals ended up earning more. money, have free time, and much more happiness than others.

And guess what? Aimless people have been left on the sidelines and accomp
lished next to nothing compared to those who set goals for themselves.


The more measurable something, the easier it will be to see whether or not we have achieved the desired result. If your goals are imprecise and you don't have a way to measure them, how will you know you've achieved them? You won't, it's that simple. So make sure that your goal is measurable and that you are done with step 2.


When you set the goals that are most important to you, you will find a way to achieve them. It's a fact! You start to find things that match your goals, develop a positive attitude, develop new skills and abilities, and somehow find the financial capacity to achieve them. You think about all the opportunities that you have left unanswered and discover new opportunities that will help you reach your goal.

You can do almost anything when you plan the steps necessary to achieve the goal and set the time frame that holds you accountable for that goal. Things that were never possible before are not only possible, but in fact they probably are because you have learned and grown to achieve those difficult goals. Listing your goals helps you feel better about yourself, as you learn to feel worthy enough to achieve those goals, deserve those goals, and achieve them.


Do you want to aim for something that you will never achieve or something that is within your reach? Remember, you need to be willing and able to do something, so be sure to be realistic in setting your goals. You really want to stretch and not define something that you can effortlessly do, but if you know there is absolutely no way to physically run a 4-minute mile because you have arthritis, don't do not your goal. Now keep in mind that with the internet, email, and market globalization you can accomplish more than you ever thought possible, there may still be things that are not everything. simply not possible. Don't set them as goals, set them as dreams and aim for them. But set yourself achievable goals so that you can be satisfied with achieving more and more of your goals.


A goal is tangible when you can experience it with any of your five senses. It means if you can taste it, touch it, smell it, see it or hear it. When your goal is tangible, or when you combine a tangible goal with an intangible goal, you have a better chance of making it specific and measurable and therefore seeing it as more achievable for yourself.

So be SMART in setting your goals, read a book or two on goal setting, ask others to help you be more responsible to yourself for achieving those goals, and you will do more and be more than you. will! Never dreamed of it!

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