50 Questions To Help You Find Your Purpose In Life

Let's go straight there!

If you want to live a happy life, you MUST take the time to decide what to do with your life and then strive to live that life passionately.

It is yours!

No one else will do it for you.

So, take some time out of your busy daily routine and think about the following questions.


1. What is the purpose of my life?

2. If I had better guess my life purpose, what would it be?

3. Who am I?

4. What is the most important thing in my life?

5. What do I like to do more than anything else?

6. If I only had six months to live, what would I like to achieve?

7. What would I like to leave the world as an inheritance?

8. What would I do with my life if I knew I could not fail?

9. If money, time, or current responsibilities weren't an issue, what would I like to do with my life, more than anything else in the world?

10. What activities have I found that give me the most pleasure?

11. What else do I want to learn?

12. When I was a child, what did I dream of doing with my life?

13. What has been the biggest challenge I have faced so far in my life? Can I help other people overcome this same challenge?

14. What challenges would I like to overcome and then help others achieve the same goal?

15. Who are the people I most admire?

16. Why do I admire these people?

17. How would you define your goal in life?

18. What are the qualities of these people that I would also like to be known for?

19. What is the biggest dream I've ever had in my life?

20. What subjects did I like the most in school?

21. What sport did I like the most?

22. What art or craft did I appreciate the most?

23. What social activity did I enjoy the most?

24. What hobbies have I done?

25. What hobbies would I have liked to have?

26. What would I like to do, if only other people didn't think it was stupid?

27. In what part of the world would I like to live the most?

28. Who would I like to live with?

29. In what part of the world would I like to work?

30. Who would I like to work with the most?

31. What would my perfect day be like?

32. Is there a spiritual side to me waiting to be released?

33. What would I like to do NOW that brings me the greatest happiness or pleasure?

34. What special gift do I have that I could give to the world?

35. What makes me cry for joy or cry in my eyes?

36. What would I like to do this weekend, just for fun?

37. If you could have the power to change the world, what would you do?

38. If you had three wishes, what would they be?

39. What scares me a little, but what would be really exciting if I did?

40. What does my heart say I should do with my life?

41. What qualities am I really proud of?

42. What have I done in my life that I am really proud of?

43. If you had time to contribute to a charity or cause, what would it be?

44. What should I normally do when I suddenly realize that time is running out and I am concentrating only on this task?

45. What do I want to do on my next vacation?

46. ​​Who in history would I like to be more of and why?

47. What am I most sorry not to have done so far in my life?

48. At the end of my life, what would I most regret not having done?

49. What is the purpose of my life?

50. If I had to better guess my life purpose and start with something that turns me on, what would it be?

Think about these questions for a moment. Pick one that you can really relate to and ask yourself the question over and over again until you have an answer.

The answers are inside. If you ask, you will get your answer.

You can live a life with a purpose. You can live a life of passion and success! Ask until you get your answer. And then act en masse. It's worth it.


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