7 Important Facts That You Should Know About Causes Of Stress.

In 1967, Thomas H. Holmes and Richard H. Rahe of the University of Washington did a study on the link between major life events and illness.

As part of this study, they compiled a table of the main causes of stress. This table, which contained 43 causes of stress in 1967, has been updated to 55 causes in 2006. Apparently, society is finding more causes of stress.

If you knew the main causes of stress in your life, would you take steps to eradicate them? Can you eradicate stress or is it an inoperable condition that will stay with you for the rest of your life, possibly causing your eventual death?

7 Important Facts That You Should Know About Causes Of Stress.

What is your main cause of stress?

1. Finances

Most studies agree that finances are one of the main causes of stress. In an online survey conducted in 2005 by LifeCare, Inc., 23% of respondents identified finances as the number one cause of stress in their life. 

Financial stress is at the top of the list in many modern surveys.

Some who cite finances as the main cause of stress mention major purchases they need to make, such as a house or a car. Others are stressed by the loss of income or growing credit card debt.

For some, financial stress will lead to bankruptcy. While students insist on overpaying for their education, baby boomers and seniors find retirement income to be a major cause of stress.

2. Work

Work is closely linked to finances as a cause of stress. Our jobs or careers seem to cause constant stress. In the LifeCare survey, 21% of respondents indicated that it is the leading cause of stress in life.

How is the workplace a cause of stress? We care about getting and keeping suitable employment. We worry about new types of work or new responsibilities.

We struggle to climb the career ladder, overwhelmed by demands. Working conditions may change or we may have interpersonal issues at work.

Students, especially teens and college-age students, cite schoolwork as a cause of stress. Sometimes stress at work is caused by others. Sometimes we bring it ourselves.

3. Family

Family, as wonderful as each member is, is also a major cause of stress. Arguments break out with a spouse or other family member. The parents are divorcing. The children are getting married. The ebb and flow of family life are filled with stress. A child moves, an elderly parent moves.

One of the main causes of stress is the health of the family. A sick family member, serious injury, pregnancy, miscarriage, or abortion all cause stress.

Family changes of another kind are stressful as well. Adoption, relocation, and job changes for just one family member can cause stress for everyone.

4. Personal concerns

Another major cause of stress is personal worries that are only indirectly created by others. Lack of control tops the list of personal concerns.

Every human being has a deep desire to control their own life. When control is weak or absent in a certain area, we experience stress.

For many people, lack of control over their own time is a major cause of stress. We want to determine when we are doing chores at home or at work.

Having a job, driving the kids to school, taking the family to soccer practice, shopping, and organizing Boy Scout meetings while running the household can create significant stress.

You would like to control your time, rather than letting the demands of others control you, but this is not always possible.

We can be involved in stressful legal proceedings. We may be fighting a bad habit. We may be experiencing changes. Any personal change can be stressful.

5. Personal health and safety

Personal health is considered by most people to be one of the main causes of stress. For some, stress is linked to obesity and the desire to lose weight. For others, stress is a basic personal habit that affects health and needs to be changed.

For example, smoking, alcoholism, or other drugs. Illnesses or injuries, whether less serious or more serious, can be a major cause of stress for many people. Incontinence can be a lifelong concern.

Personal health is more or less stressful depending on the degree of severity and our personal perspective on health.

Personal safety is also one of the main causes of stress.

Women, more than men, tend to focus on their own safety and that of others. Adults tend to be more stressed than young people, who can be invincible. Crime is a factor, just like

6. Personal relationships

Whether it's friendship, dating, separation, marriage, divorce, or remarriage, a relationship can be one of the main causes of stress for many.

We all want love, and this is potentially available in relationships, but moving from A to B can be very stressful.

Some are turning to more manageable online relationships. 

Others withdraw and are isolated. Either way, time, financial, and emotional constraints can cause constant stress.

7. Death

Probably the most heartbreaking cause of stress is the death of a loved one or close friend. Even the death of a pet can be stressful.

Children are always a source of stress for parents, but when a child dies, the stress is overwhelming.

The same is true when a lifetime spouse dies.

Win or lose

The causes of stress change with age.

The stressed boy who has temper tantrums turns into a young student, stressed out by the school bully.

The young student becomes a teenager, stressed by acne, hormones, and dating. The teenager becomes a young adult trying to cope with the stress of leaving home, adjusting to college life, and managing their finances.

Life progresses towards the first jobs, marriage, children, etc. Even if you move into a secluded cabin in the woods, stress will follow.

It is important to acquire knowledge about the main causes of stress. Using this knowledge to overcome harmful stress is vital.


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