3 Quick and Easy Steps to Improve Time Management Skill

Time management is one of the least mastered skills in our modern, rapidly changing world. Time management is really essential to being successful, doing whatever it takes, and achieving ultimate success.

3 Quick and Easy Steps to Time Management Mastery

What do you need to do to DOUBLE your time management skills?

Do these things NOW:

1) Eliminate wasted time in your life. 

Time wasters are things that interrupt you and spend time doing, but you wouldn't have chosen to do them if you had the choice. Eliminating these time wasters is essential for time management:

Email - If you spend more than 30 minutes a day sending emails (unless it's your business), you're spending too much!

Phone: If you answer the phone live more than 5 times a day during your productive time (work, homework, etc.), you are sacrificing time management and efficiency. When you answer the phone, it interrupts your current workflow and kills your productivity.

Television: it should be limited so that you can control your time. My recommendation is 30 minutes a day, especially if you are not doing everything you need or want.

2) Make a list of what is really important in your life and just start putting things on your list. 

One of the keys to time management is prioritization - you absolutely must know what you want to achieve and then do it. Today's world has too many distractions and when you allow those distractions to become a priority, you are sacrificing time management.

 Follow these steps:

• Make a list of what you want to achieve

• Define deadlines for the completion of each element.

• Organize each item in order of importance

• Create a game plan to achieve each of your goals on their respective timeline

3) Start focusing on time management throughout the day. 

Your constant goal should be to manage your time. Once you've determined your goals and priorities, just start focusing on those things.

If something is not on your list of goals this week, don't do it until all of them have been met.

When you prioritize every disruption that occurs and put your goals last, you won't achieve your goals. Instead, you'll be a slave (as you probably are now) to interruptions, and you'll probably feel like you can never do enough.


3 Quick and Easy Steps to Time Management


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